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Very Nice

Its a great app. The frame for frame and flip- view are nice. Great videos. In would be great to have little introduction for beginners and some words about freerunning.

Great great great!! :)

Easy to use 5/5 Lots of moves 5/5 Videos good 5/5 Easy to understand 5/5 Videos even have slo mo. Lots of moves and I mean lots! Best parkour app in the app store!

i can not imagine anything better

the slo-mo tricks are just brilliant - those guys should be in the movies) there is a trick to follow for every situation - highs, obstacles, wall jumps and even cat leap flips - never saw even a half of it. really THE best parkour/free run app out there

Best Parkour and Free Run app on the store!

it you have any relation to Acrobatics/Parkour/Free Run or you just want to have a cool app to learn/watch/show you friends, so this app is for you. Youll find any trick you can imagine and it is all in frame-by-frame view - kinda like a gif slomo, which you control. Thanks, guys!

Perfectly performed tricks!

Slow motion animations really help to see the muscle and energy movement while executing the trick

Terrible Parkour App

This app shows a 1 demonstration on the moves but it does not explain it at all. And most of the moves are impossible to learn just from that. I recommend the app "parkour" the tutorials show demonstrations and talk u through them and is same price as this one

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